Original Article Studies in Social Science
New Method of Teaching in Primary Schools

Martin Zbuzant

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 175-183


  In this study, new teaching methods in primary schools have been investigated. Although the use of old and traditional teaching methods such as question and answer method, lecture, demonstration, etc. still has its own uses, but with the advancement of science and technology, there is a need to use new ...  Read More

Original Article Studies in Humanities
Investigating the Impact and Role of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Navid Hasanpour Azad; Saomaieh Mousavi Chelan; Leila Daoud Vaghayei; Mohammad Mohammadi Ilkhchi

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 184-192


  The present study examines the impact and role of technology in teaching and learning. Despite its short life, E-learning has entered well into all aspects of the educational system and has become widespread. Due to its special features, this system of education has found its place among educational ...  Read More

Original Article Studies in Humanities
Examining Different Parameters Affecting Job Satisfaction in Education Teachers

Navid Hasanpour Azad; Saeedeh Jodi Chelansafly; Reyhaneh Ebrahimi; Farniaz Nasiri Roshti

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 193-199


  The present study has investigated various parameters affecting job satisfaction in education teachers. In this regard, teachers' job satisfaction is related to the characteristics of management style. On the other hand, there are evidences that show that one variable is not able to explain the phenomenon ...  Read More

Review Article Studies in Social Science
Youth Problems in Sri Lanka from 1970 to 2020

Kapla Eranda

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 200-210


  This study aims to identify the youth problems in Sri Lankan context from 1970 to 2020. This is a sociological study on youth problems in Sri Lanka. Among the youth issues we identify here, unemployment and the reality of working-class life, youth unrest, educational disparities and youth, class disparity ...  Read More

Original Article Studies in Humanities
Problems of Language Teaching in Listening Section in Educational Teachers

Andi Johnson

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 211-217


  Every year, huge sums of money are spent on teaching English in Iran's educational system, but unfortunately, the results that should be achieved in learning are not very favorable. In most schools, language teaching begins with writing the English alphabet and reading from the book. While, according ...  Read More

Original Article Studies in Humanities
The Effect of Mobile Educational Factor in Multimedia on Students' Learning, Memory, and Learning Motivation

Navid Hasanpour Azad; Leila Naseri; Sepideh Berari; Ashraf Al Sadat Mir Asadi

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 218-227


  The characteristics of the current world are the rapid transformations that take place in various scientific and industrial fields. Education, which is one of the most important fields of human learning, is not exempted from these changes today with the arrival of new technologies, because education ...  Read More

Original Article Studies in Humanities
Investigating Factors Affecting the Empowerment of Teachers in Educational System

Fatima Rajabi Marzoudi

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 228-236


  This study investigated the factors affecting the empowerment of teachers in the educational system. Empowering employees creates conditions that they control their work life in the light of it and achieve sufficient growth to accept more responsibilities in the future. In another definition of empowerment, ...  Read More

Original Article Studies in Social Science
CEDAW and Political Empowerment of Women in India: An Analysis of Women Reservation Act 2023

Mohd Nazish

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, Pages 237-249


  Being half the population of the world, women form a major part of the assets that cannot be ignored in the journey toward a better world. On the other hand, women are equal and deserve an equal share of opportunities and results. Concerning the role of women in shaping a better world and their equal ...  Read More