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This study investigated the factors affecting the empowerment of teachers in the educational system. Empowering employees creates conditions that they control their work life in the light of it and achieve sufficient growth to accept more responsibilities in the future. In another definition of empowerment, it is stated that empowerment is a continuous process based on which the people of a society have a kind of self-confidence and are able to correctly evaluate and know themselves and their abilities and capabilities to achieve their goals. Become aware and be able to achieve the desired goals by increasing their capabilities. Also, Carter defined employee empowerment as a set of systems, methods and measures that are used by developing the ability and competence of individuals in order to improve and increase the productivity, growth and prosperity of the organization and the human force that is used according to the goals of the organization. They will be, he knows. He believes that the organization should strengthen the employee's sense of personal power. The role of the human factor in advancing society's affairs has a special importance and is considered the most effective pillar of economic, social and cultural developments. Economic and social developments require special attention to the training of committed, expert, skilled manpower and efforts to increase the effective factors in his job satisfaction. Man is the biggest and most valuable asset of the organization, which is never reflected in the balance sheets and profit and loss statements of companies.


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