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1 Ph.D student of the, Geography & Urban planning , department of Geography, Payame Noor University, PO BOX 19395 - 3697 , Tehran, I.R. of Iran

2 Assistant Professor department of Geography, Payame Noor University, PO BOX 19395 - 3697 , Tehran, I.R. of Iran

3 Associate professor department of Geography, Tehran University, Tehran, I.R. of Iran


The advent of new and numerous cities and the expansion of the existing cities are considered as important phenomena that have come into existence in today's world under the subject of the urban development in the economic and social lives of different countries . A system of different cities with differing sizes defines a function of cities' sizes distribution relating to itself where the urban economy deals with its characteristics. Urban development takes place in countries commonly in the form of existing cities growth, creation of new cities or both. Urban development is influenced by different factors like economic factors. In fact there is a bilateral affecting and being affected relation of the urban development and the economic growth that can be delineated interactively between the city and the economy. The growth of the cities' sizes has a spatial pattern, in the sense that the growth of any city is affected by the neighboring cities' sizes growth. The border economy without paying attention to the urban economy and planning has resulted in the midterm growth whose negative consequences have contributed to the stagnation of this type of the economy and disorder in the symmetrical expansion of the cities. The border city of Baneh has been experiencing a border economy trend in recent years, i.e. since 1996 where it has economic, political and social as well as cultural repercussions. In other words, in this 19 year old period, this city has been the center of the imported goods distribution to other countries of Iran and the maximum effect of it is embodied in the structural and demographic development of this city that has resulted in the asymmetrical development and changes in the city's structure due to the urban and rural migrations and out of province migrations.


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