Studies in Humanities
Investigating the Impact and Role of Technology in Teaching and Learning

Navid Hasanpour Azad; Saomaieh Mousavi Chelan; Leila Daoud Vaghayei; Mohammad Mohammadi Ilkhchi

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July 2024, , Pages 184-192

  The present study examines the impact and role of technology in teaching and learning. Despite its short life, E-learning has entered well into all aspects of the educational system and has become widespread. Due to its special features, this system of education has found its place among educational ...  Read More

Studies in Social Science
Current Era Potentiality of Integrated-IT based Telemedicine: Global and Indian Prospects with Future Outlook

Mohd Yusuf; Waseem Ahmed; Anas Jameel; Mohd Wazid Khan

Volume 13, Issue 2 , April 2024, , Pages 128-150

  Understanding contemporary perspectives on telehealth and its impact on human lifestyle and behavior is crucial for informing public health initiatives, one of which is telemedicine-a rapidly expanding discipline that utilizes electronic information and communication tools to provide healthcare services ...  Read More