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Understanding contemporary perspectives on telehealth and its impact on human lifestyle and behavior is crucial for informing public health initiatives, one of which is telemedicine-a rapidly expanding discipline that utilizes electronic information and communication tools to provide healthcare services remotely. Telemedicine has gained increasing interest due to its demonstrated practical efficacy, cost, and time savings, enhanced patient and clinician satisfaction, and positive impact on patient mortality and quality of life. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the telehealth significance in addressing ongoing healthcare needs while reducing in-person clinic visits and limiting human exposures. Our findings suggest that the benefits of telemedicine include overcoming geographic barriers, making it especially beneficial for rural and underserved populations. However, there are still challenges to widespread telemedicine implementation, such as a lack of technological literacy, concerns about losing a personal connection with healthcare providers, and apprehension about communicating sensitive information. This review examines telemedicine as a current scenario and the potential of integrated IT-based solutions at the global and Indian levels, drawing from exploratory research articles, reviews, perspectives, and policy documents. The need and significance of telemedicine in incentivizing healthy behavior are also discussed herein.


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