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1 Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Management, Islamic Azad University of chaloos 2Master of Public Administration

2 Master of Public Administration

3 MA Edocational Administration. Islamic Azad University of Bojnord


From layout and extraction of structural and functional experienced patterns from other countries in rural development and entrepreneurship, it can be achieve to a perspective of comprehensive and integration picture from intervention in this areas. This view like as a strategy has performance capability to achieve the goals and especially functions like entrepreneurship, empowerment, capacity building, poverty, and etc. In this article, in addition to a brief review of relevant literature and documentation about entrepreneurship and job creation in rural, it explained definitions and goals, and offered a model to develop rural entrepreneurship and job creation. Finally, these cases are summarized and presented as a pattern of discussion and conclusion, managerial implications, and related recommendations to follow similar researches.


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