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A member of academic fellowship, faculty of political sciences, Islamic Azad University, Lamerd Branch



Realization of Political Endeavor requires playing the appropriate and optimal role by mass media in the field of communication and raising people’s political information level. As an independent variable, mass media have direct and undeniable impact on establishment of political endeavor (Institutionalism) as dependent variable. Direct and indirect role of mass media in institutionalism of political endeavor leads to national political correlation and spreading participative political culture. As messengers and interpreters of various dimensions and perspectives of political endeavor, mass media are considered as effective factor toward political convergence and integration within System of Islamic Republic of Iran. The culture- making effects of mass media may cause to reduce political dichotomy, discord, and gaps and to convert approach of political endeavor into a platform for political integration and correlation in the community. Mass media may convey concepts and idea of political endeavor to political and social body of the society. Software capability of mass media causes effectiveness, potential, and legitimacy of political system. The present research is mainly intended to study on role of mass media in establishment of political endeavor. Creation and development of political stability, prevention from inter-systemic crises and conflicts, improvement of political participation culture are some of cultural and political potentials of mass media. The main question of this investigation is: What impact do mass media exert on political endeavor? Research hypothesis denotes that mass media may play an effective role in political endeavor. The major objective of this study is the interpretation and description of the relationship between variables of mass media and political endeavor.


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