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1 Department of Business Management, Bilesavar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bilesavar, Iran

2 Department of Executive Management, Bilesavar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bilesavar, Iran

3 Department of English Language Teaching, Bilesavar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bilesavar, Iran



The final stage of all activities in marketing is to supply the need desires of consumers therefore, attention to the market of consumption and paying consumers behavior in choosing and as a important parameter in marketing and also a series of comprehensive and programmed studies and investigations must be done in order to meet their various and different needs. Product packaging, as a stimulus, is one of parameters which can affect consumer’s purchase behavior and lead them to show purchase reaction. it is packaging that can finally lead a purchaser to purchase or quite purchasing this study is a descriptive are which has been done with the non-parametric kruskal wallis test and X2 test. And the statistic population of this research includes 150 people from final customers of packed dates in moghan.
Data collection in this study was through questionnaire and data has been also put into analysis with Kruskal-wallis and X2 tests. Results from this research show that protective packaging.
Structure (weight, physical shape, type and dimension) has been a significant relationship with consumers purchase behavior.

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