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1 Department of Industrial Management, Bilesavar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bilesavar, Iran

2 Department of Business Management, Bilesavar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bilesavar, Iran

3 M.Sc. Of Marketing Management

4 M.Sc. Of Geography and Urban Planning



The main objective of this study is to investigate the influence of organizational determinants  on export performance exporters of Ardabil Province. The purpose of this research and applied research in terms of research method is descriptive  analytical. The questionnaire used to collect data for this study has been after Localization and ensure high reliability of the questionnaires was distributed. The study population included all exporters of Ardebil that the number 226 has been issued and using a sample of 138 Morgan was issued. For the analysis of the data is used spss19 software in two parts of descriptive and inferential statistics. Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression results indicate that Variables of export performance with firm size and, export experience and commitment export are related positive and significant relationship with dependent variable of export performance And also the results of multivariate regression shows that the export commitment variable has the greatest impact on export performance.


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