Document Type : Original Article


Department of Law, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Kerman, Iran



This research is aimed to study the effect of earthquake on changing the pattern of traditional narcotics consumption into artificial narcotics in Volunteers of addiction abandonment in Green Houses. The present research is a discretional study. The subjects of research include 150 males who were going to abandon the Consumption of artificial narcotics and had referred to the centers of Green House. By observing them, the test was evaluated by distributing questionnaires. Data analysis was performed by using the methods of descriptive statistics ( chi – 2 test) Findings the abundance, cheapness , easy availability to materials, preferred Communication, The relationship to bad friends, addict parents, Low Self – Confidence are meaningfully related to youth tendency to artificial narcotics consumption after earthquake. Request of youth Volunteers from Green Houses to a bonbon addiction should be considered as an interaction between individual psychology and effect of cultural abnormality in Society. Social abnormality after earthquake Caused youth tendency to use narcotics and consequently they have changed their pattern into artificial narcotics Consumption.


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