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1 Assistant Professor, University of Tarbiat Modarres, Department of Architectal Engineering, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Payam-e-Nour University, Hormozgan Branch, Department of Architect Engineering, Bandar-e-Abbas, Iran

3 M. Sc Student, Islamic Azad University, Hormozgan Branch, Department of Architectal Engineering, Bandar-e-Abbas, Iran



Tourism as one of the most important factors areas ‘development is an exchange an balanced activity which lead to social and economic development in regional level and justly distribution of income and also, it contributing the employment and today, its related activities included the largest industrial sector and world exports.Ecotourism is a type of tourism which is basis on special advantages of natrual history in one region. Ecotourism has comparative advantage than in other branches of ectourism in Iran.Hormoz Island is one of the vulnerable areas in this field. Tourism development of Hormoz island, providing new employment opportunities for local people by is an instroment which will be give an again life to this area and causing development of this area.  Other hand, tourism development of the island of Hormoz without the proper planning will result in irreparable harm and loss. Therefore, according to the capability and environmental characteristics of region should be use specific strategic and approaches to utilize planning for tourism development of the island of Hormoz.The aim of this paper is consideration of the  impacts of recreational tourist center on the island of Hormoz in southern Iran with  native  architecture to understand the importance of building amenities and easy commute to attract tourists and make them familiar with the beliefs and customs of a place to study and culture of ocal area with the least damage to the environment.Therefore, after considering the concepts of ecotourism, indigenous architecture oriented in the study area and  potential factors of  the island of Hormoz to assess how the island has become a tourist area with the least damage to the environment. Finally, the conditions and results of SWOT analysis will be described.


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