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Graduate student at Farabi Campus of Tehran University, Tehran, Iran



With increasing trend in using the electronic means of communication and trade in the world, the need to enact new laws and regulations with regard to e-commerce law is increasing day by day, where benchmarking of the countries and the leading organizations in this context can be used to provide the measures to encourage the Economic activists and consumers to do their tasks at cyberspace particularly provided with supporting the consumer who are in poor side. In this paper, Comparative Study on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce Law within   Iran and European Union has been proposed. The observations, with regard to the studies show that based upon the international character of electronic commerce law and the role of UNCITRAL model law on e-commerce (1996) in Unification of it at international level, this law which includes consumer protection has been also provided with the same basis throughout the world. Nevertheless, the countries and organizations like the European Union with adoption of instructions have made large effort in going through this e-commerce law to get it completed by which developing countries like Iran can get to use such law.


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