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1 Member of faculty of azaduniversity, KHoramabad unit.

2 Department of Law, Islamic Azad University Robatkarim Branch, Iran

3 Corresponding author, Department of Theology, Payame-noor University of Ilam Iran


This research studies effective factors on divorce and changes of its amount in two recent decades and it compares existed changes in mentioned factors on the basis of 5 groups of them as economic, sexual, personality, communicative and social factors. This research is performed by descriptive- survey method. 130 young person of Khorammabad city who are faced divorce problem, are randomly selected and necessary data are gathered from them by 60 questions of questionnaire. Then results are presented by descriptive method. Pierson correlation coefficient and appointment coefficient are used for determining portion of each of factors. Consequently, role of economic, sexual, personality, communicative and social factors are confirmed in divorce of young person of Khorammabad city. In final conclusion; the economic factor portion was 26.1, social factor portion was 18/9, sexual factor portion was 18/8, personality factor portion was 18/5, and communicative factor portion was 17/7.  


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