Document Type : Original Article


Department of Industrial Engineering, Scientific and Applied University, Karaj, Iran


This research evaluating of various factors to estimate the success of CRM projects within automotive industry. The main objectives of this research are examination of the strategic factors and identification of the factors causes’ success occurs in CRM projects within automotive industry. Another side examination of the tactical factors and identification of the factors causes’ success occur in CRM projects within automotive industry. The present research is an applied study using descriptive method. Applied research aims to develop applied knowledge in a specific issue. The method of present study on how the data collection provided is descriptive from the survey type. A statistical population is a set of entities concerning which statistical inferences are to be drawn, often based on a random sample taken from the population. The sample size consists of 53 individuals of the statistical population where it is selected among experts in customer relationship management system within automotive manufacturer companies. The data has been gathered through questionnaire used as the preliminary information sources. According to the obtained results, however, the status of implementing Customer relationship management (CRM) in automotive industry has been reported proper on the whole, some dimensions and components to implement this system have not set in a proper condition. Comparing the dimensions, the highest infrastructure and conditions belong to technological and hardware, cultural, support, efficiency, managerial, empowerment dimensions in implementing consulting company. Among six dimensions observed, the managerial and empowerment dimensions have not reported with proper status in implementing CRM.


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