Document Type : Original Article


1 M.S student, Department of Public Sector management, East Azarbaijan Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Human Resource Management, East Azarbaijan, Islamic Azad University, Marand Branch, Iran

3 Member of ATC Department of Civil Aviation Technology College, Tehran, Iran


In recent years due to economic sanctions and some problems in the executive budget emerged at the country, the topic of change management within the organizations and governmental companies has been taken into account by senior managers. A variety of models and patterns have been proposed in the context of current status existing in the companies. This paper intends to apply Tichy's Technical, Political, Cultural model to show Iranian Airports Company works at which areas and fields. Further, after recognizing the most important area, an effective prioritization of it has to be proposed. The statistical population of this research entails the personnel working at the department of aviation Operations within the company. According to the results from the Delphi method used in this paper, one can say that the company encountered difficulties and damages in five main areas of strategy, systems, structure, human resource management and organizational processes, where a large body of difficulties emerged at human resource management so that the company needs revise and modify this area.


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