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1 Assistant Professor, School of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 M.Sc. of Business Administration, School of Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Outsourcing in many of large, medium and small scale international companies is considered as a solution to reduce costs and increase incomes; it doesn’t imply that increase in outsourcing level isn’t involved with any problem. Although companies benefit from outsourcing to economize their costs (cost saving), there are unsuccessful outsourcing experiences which cause lack of achievement of the expected service level. Despite such issues, companies prefer to outsource their information technology (IT) services. The purpose of this article could be stated as identifying effective factors which cause IT companies face risks during outsourcing of their IT projects. Such objective is investigated using meta-synthesis method and prioritized factors. Besides, their influence level is determined using questionnaires. In the present study, effective factors influencing risk of IT projects outsourcing are extracted. Main variables consist of: contract, costs, security, legal factors, new technologies and innovation, Contractor exclusive issues and finally client items. These variables are validated by experts of this field then distributed throughout the companies which have ranked primarily by the Informatics council. They have been given (hold) the exploitation permit from previous industrial and mines ministry. Concerning descriptive statistics, among the 39 factors, the factors which were given the highest priority are as follow respectively: First of all, deviation from the contract terms and conditions. Second, insufficient allocation of time to execute the contract, and third, contractor poor performance, Forth, costs due to undelivered items and Finally using the contracts which aren’t prepared based on a specific procedure.


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