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Cultural faculty member Campus Bentolhoda sadr of Kurdistan and PhD student of Persian language and literature, Islamic Azad University Of centry, Tehran, Iran


The rise of the Safavi and special interest of some of the kings of this dynasty led to a revival of religious figures and ideas in the realm of literature religious education during the century. In the course of poets and lyric poetry theme oriented and major mold issue, saying the era unlike Rumi and Hafez, the poet and aspirations he once again placed in focus Saeb Tabrizi in such a situation puts into the realm of poetry and literature. The study suggests that the word Saeb features as a prominent poet of the Safavi era descriptive of the content and technical point of view what he says and how he says - review and answer questions:
1. Saeb as a poet of deep themes theme-oriented or focused?
2. What are the themes and stylistic distinction with what is expressed?
3. The election of a new and innovative way and making its rhetoric saying he fit?
The results show Saeb the themes of social, political, moral, philosophical, mystical and romantic, most famous for his care and social concepts. He linguistic and rhetorical features such as rhyme and rhythm, metaphor and allegory to express the individual style and distinct from the other concepts and has the distinction of his poems.


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