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Department of Theology, PO box 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran, Payame Noor University


A consensus exists among researchers, especially in the Post-Secularism period, that “religion” is the most significant, or relative to other societies and concerning their size, one of the most important sources of culture production, even in the modern world. A religious perspective to different phenomenon has been a common concern for human beings. The present paper examines the relationship between culture and religion and the effect of jurisprudence on the relationship. Determining the meaning of religion and culture, the realm of religion and culture, and the origin of them is the most important issue which influences the discovery of the relationship between culture and religion and the effect of jurisprudence on it. So, we first define religion and culture and discuss the relation between them concerning the definitions given. In the discussion on religion and culture, from among significant approaches, the “objective evidence” approach was dealt with and then the relationship between jurisprudence with will be discussed.


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