Document Type : Original Article


1 Research and science Department, Sistan&Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran

2 Department of Psychology, Sistan & Baluchestan University, Zahedan, Iran

3 Department of Psychology, Payam-e Noor University of Zabol, Zahedan, Iran


General goal of the present research is to study role of religious behavior and parenting style of the parents in practical obligation of students toward religious beliefs in the third-year (female and male) students of Zahak County. The present research method is descriptive –correlative. Statistical population includes the third –year students of secondary school in educational year of 2012-2013 among whom 242 students were selected with random sampling method. To collect research data, religious behavior, practical obligation and parenting styles questionnaire has been used. Research data have been analyzed using SPSS19 software and using correlation and regression tests and t-test. Results obtained from the present research indicate that religious behavior is effective on practical obligation of students toward religious beliefs, parenting styles are effective on practical obligation of students toward religious beliefs, gender plays role in effect of religious behavior on practical obligation toward religious beliefs, gender plays role in effect of parenting style on practical obligation of students toward religious beliefs.


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