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Faculty of Theology, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Today, professional ethics plays a strategic role in the future success of the organization and directed away from the organizations are highlyvulnerable. Inthe area of​​ profession a lethicspr of essional ethicsis applied that addresses the ethical responsibilities of words and letters, and also analyzes the ethical issues in business. Registry of Deeds and Real Estate as a profession is considered critical missions within the administrative system of the country. Therefore it is essential that professional ethics are institutionalized in the organization. Thus, this study sought to explore the explanations of professional ethics in the profession. Thus, this study sought to explore the explanations of professional ethics in the profession. HR documentation regarding the internal and external factors that have an ethical responsibility on the pattern you are right and my duty to deal with the rightful owners. Including the documentation tools through which it can fulfill its moral ideals and goals, ethics is the moral responsibility to respect the rights of all elements of the organization's internal and external environment, comprising the group are rightful owners of the Charter include: Clients - Human Resources  Environmental and citizens - suppliers and regulatory agencies. Ethics Training Organization, Best ethics policy is to maintain the system in line with the ethics training seminars, training sessions and workshops to promote morality. Moral center as well as other measures that can be raised ethical issues and the dissemination of ethical principles.


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