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Member of Faculty of Farhangian University, Campus of Bent-Al-Hoda Sadr Kurdistan


The description of nature and it beauties within the poetry of Manuchri Damghani, the poet of early 5th century A.H has got a special status. These young poet and portrait painter had fluent knowledge of Arabic literature in addition to fluency in description of beautiful aspects of nature manifesting his expertise in music and painting being influenced by poets like Abu-Noas and Amro-Alghis. In this essay it has been attempted to show the features of Manucheri based on content and method of expression in addition to showing the basis of his thought, attitude and his special way of expression namely “What he says and how he says it. Within this essay, Mosmat poetical framework is regarded one of the main elements of Manuchehri poetry and one of his innovations.


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