Document Type : Original Article


Department of Accounting and Economics, Islamic Azad University, Roodehen Branch, Tehran, Iran


In this research, we meant to study the effects of entrepreneurship aspects on performance. Entrepreneurship aspects such as risk-taking, being active, progressive and innovative, and their effects one performance of small enterprises are studied. Risk-taking activities of entrepreneurs are consisted of tendency to use indicator factors for utilizing the opportunities and/or using strategies do not have certain consequences in business. The activities of entrepreneurs are related to their tendency for overcoming their rivals by means of two factors: progression and bold actions. Research methodology is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), the statistical population includes all small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Arak, industrial city and by means of random sampling method, and 100 people were chosen as the sample. Questionnaire was used as data collection tool. From the amount and type of effects of independent variables on dependent variable i.e. enterprises’ performance, utilizing the information was the most effective variable on the enterprises’ performance. Then, entrepreneurship aspects and information acquisition were respectively other variables that have more influence on dependent variable i.e. enterprises’ performance.


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