Document Type : Original Article


Department of Accounting, Faculty of Humanistic Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Tehran-East Branch, Tehran, Iran


The main goal of current research is the effect of mental health of principals in Islamic Azad University of Tehran-East Branch on their job satisfaction. In order to reach goals of the research, theoretical basics and the research background inside and out of the country, were studied and then a set of  theories, concepts, background, definitions and symptoms related to lack of mental health and job satisfaction. Then, the researcher has studied the job satisfaction by means of a mental questionnaire and a general health questionnaire consisting 30 four-choice questions. The statistical population of current research consists of all principals in Islamic Azad University of Tehran-East Branch whom some of them were selected as statistical sample. Data collected from questionnaires was analyzed by means of descriptive statistics and also by using the inferential statistics. The results show that mental health of principals affects their job satisfaction. Also various components of mental health of principals are effective on their job satisfaction. Another side mental health and gender of principals have influence on their job satisfaction. Major of study and mental health of principals are effective on job satisfaction and education level and mental health of principals affect their job satisfaction are other result of this research as well.


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