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1 M.Sc. of Geography and Urban Planning, Payam Noor University of Tehran

2 Payam Noor University of Tehran


Since the 1990s, the concept of social functionality into literature and geographical issues such as social welfare, inequality and extreme poverty, the unemployment rate was Geographers Concept of social justice in contributing to the public good, fair resource allocation and income distribution in place to meet the basic needs of the people were Social justice in urban planning and urban services proper distribution proper amount of respect for the environment In this case, the factors are land and urban services Satisfy the needs of the population, according to eligibility and merit increase public interest and people can make a more equitable, economic, social justice and the environment in urban areas To establish In this study, a cross - sectional study using data from documents (library) perceptions questionnaire and the data analyzed the data using chi 2 test and software SPSS, EXELE, and ARC GIS software was improved quality of life of city residents relying on social justice Tehran city was evaluated results demonstrate that the quality of life of citizens in social status and lack of urban distribution services, facilities, resources, based on social justice in the city of Tehran.

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