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Faculty of Persian Literature, Payam-e- Noor University, Tehran, Iran


Literature of Iran until before constitution has not any transplantation with social reality. Iranian relations with the West and the development of information technology brought a new awareness of the role of public administration , and the structure of public life and it made  the urban middle-class of traditional society. Itdisturbed the equations of morphotectonics and it faced values ​​of the old and new in the realm of ethics, the power and artistry of literary forms and languagetogether. This evolution was result of fact and literature .the journalismAccelerated development of realistic writing and Iranian journalist led acute social realities to the social novels in newspaper format, footnotes, and by this way the realistic novel–that counted epic of the community as a bourgeois – contemporary with the formation of new public class bourgeois, it established body of literature. This article shows the development of novel realisticfrom the constitutional grounds is based on view of Persian history and Persian literature. It has shown a positive trend towards realism and realistic story of the birth of journalism text follows. The main topics discussed were: political writing of constitutional ,  social reality , journalism and realism , the transition from historical novel to social novel , language and social reality , pioneers of critical realism , outlook of the dominant works ,  Realist novel primary defect . At the end of this article came some of the Persian Realist novels until the year 1320.


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