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Sama Technical and Vocational Training College, Islamic Azad University, Kerman Branch, Kerman, Iran


Incorporated in electrical systems, electrical energy in the form of large central power stations by takes place. In the early years of the emergence of continuous systems, usually with annual growth of about 6 to 7 percent in electric energy consumption was met. In the 1970's oil crisis issues, such as environmental issues and new problems for the electrical industry expressed, in such a way that in the1980s the invoices and the economic changes, resulting in a reduction of approximately 1.6 times growth to 3 percent per year, respectively. At the same time the cost of transmission and distribution of electric energy as well as to increased significantly. Therefore, the production of large central power stations by, often due to the cost increase slowdown time, transmission and distribution, getting acute environmental issues and technological changes and different legislation were impractical. In this article, we try to study the general definition has been scattered resources will be carried out in different countries, then the evaluation of the benefits and disadvantages of them.


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