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1 Department of state management, Khorasgan (Isfahan) Branch , Islamic Azad University, Isfahan ,Iran

2 Faculty of Administration and Economic Science, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


In the current world, IT provided effectiveness and efficiency of information. According to the studies, IT increases the ability of the organizations and facilitates the administrative trend and increase of output of human resources and management. By the increase of control on management information systems, the speed and quality of decision making and management are increased. Like other phenomenon, the selection of the best system based on the underlying conditions of the organization is a vital principle. As any decision making and policies to develop the organization in using the management information systems requires awareness of the current preparation of the organizations, we required an evaluation model to be aware of the preparation in the organizations to move toward information systems. The present study is applied to present a model in this regard and its implementation in districts 1, 2 of Municipality of New City of Baharestan in Isfahan and also it is based on the results of the questionnaire and presenting the propositions in accordance with the study.


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