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Young Researchers and Elite Club, Maku Branch, Islamic Azad University, Maku, Iran


Today, technology is changing rapidly and what we have so far implemented as a smart solution is now part of the past. Cloud computing (CC) opens up new horizons for various business sectors and also the banking sector. Cloud knowledge has been made through many years of research in distributed systems, network computing, parallel computing, etc. and can provide an extremely positive change in present systems. Today, CC is changing the scenario and method of processing. With the help of CC, even the computing capabilities of high level performance are also entering the budgets. CC decreases concerns about running and updating which was hence the customer's responsibility, which decreases initial project costs for organizations with small scalability. At present, any possibility advancing toward payment goes to the consumption rate. The harder the technology seems, it will be put under the umbrella of cloud and presented to the user as service, which provides reliability, interests, results and required trust levels for its users, that truly end up in a "cloud revolution".


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