Document Type : Original Article

Authors Graduated of Criminal Law and Criminology, Islamic Azad University, Rafsanjan, Iran


Today, following equitable justice not only in the courts but also in exclusive in criminal centers (administrative, tax and sport) regarding independent concept of criminal domain is considered essential. In fact, based on criminal domain expression which involves a wide concept of criminal rights, a new chapter was issued on trial of sport men accused of doping in sport convention. Since, violation of sport men rights was ethically regarded unacceptable but it was not necessary to observe their rights during examination of their violations in related conventions and criminal domain concept which made following equitable justice in exclusive sub criminal centers. An essential subject, so it was regarded completely different. Nowadays, doping is extremely used in sport society while its reason can follow economical, social political and cultural motivations. However, it has been seen that a special group, team or country has attempted to denigrated a sport men by accusing him to doping which is against sport ethics. Based on today is internal and international sport principles to fight with doping, one of their most important principles is worldly doping campaign convention. The Mentioned convention is regarded as the main mover to fight with this disaster while many countries has tried to follow this convention including equitable justice issues, in examining the sport man charges follows justice formalities. finally, regarding all these attempts, there are some significant and key equitable justice problem in sport men freedom and security right, the sentenced peoples right to accessing information and humanistic situations of accused people in the jail and getting rid of torture as well as supposing being innocent which are regarded as the disadvantages of this convention.


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