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1 PhD student, Member of student Researchers Club, Department of Counseling, School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, shahid chamran university, Ahvaz, Iran

2 PhD student, Department of Counseling, School of Educational Sciences and Psychology, shahid chamran university, Ahvaz, Iran

3 PhD of guidance and counseling, Department of Counseling, Khomeinishahr branch, Islamic Azad university, Isfahan, Iran

4 M.A, Department of Counseling, shahid chamran university, Ahvaz, Iran)


Present study was aimed at investigating the impact of training of transactional analysis on Psychological well-being of the married women in Tehran city in 1991. Procedure was semi-experimental with pre-test & post- test with control group. Research society consisted of the entire married women of Tehran City who had been referred to Education and training counseling center; seeking counseling services. Sampling ( 30 subjects) were randomly selected from among qualified volunteers and were randomly assigned in experimental and control groups. Training sessions were done in 10 sessions. At the end of sessions, both groups were asked to take the test again. A tool was: questionnaire of Ryff’s Psychological well-being with 18 questions. The coefficient of internal consistency test was. /50. In order to analyze the data, descriptive and ANOVA was used. The results of this study showed  training of transactional analysis has increased Significantly Psychological well-being in women in post- test and follow up ( p<./001). Taking into consideration the survey’s data, it could be concluded that training transactional analysis can be implemented to increasePsychological well-being of the married women.


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