Document Type : Original Article


Department of Business Management, Neyshabur Branch, Islamic Azad University, Neyshabur, Iran


Iranian Carpet which displays art identity and culture of Iranian is a commodity considering by many people in today's world, and this could be a good explanation for needing use differences marketing strategies in order to increase sales of this product. Therefore, considering that the market share of handmade carpet competitors such as flooring is increasing, and one of the factors is strongest substitutes for this product; hence, appropriate action should be taken so as to maintain and surpass in this competitive market of flooring by using knowledge of marketing, application tools and suitable solutions of marketing in this field. This research is in terms of practical and descriptive approach. A questionnaire was designed for this study that after validation distributed among vendors of handmade carpet in Khorasan Razavi. The results indicate that all the strategies which considered in this paper are effective on domestic sales of hand made carpet. They are listed in priority:  promotion, distribution and price.


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