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1 Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Aliah University, Kolkata 700091, West Bengal, India

2 Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Geography, Aliah University, Kolkata 700091, West Bengal, India


The present paper attempts to analysis the food security and agricultural development in Kurshamari Gram Panchayet. Food security is mainly comprised of three components- food availability, access and stability. The agricultural development depends upon its package approach. Irrigation, fertilizer, type of farming, size of landholding, employment structures are the main components. The study area has been chosen as the micro unit of analysis. Village wise seven indicators of food security and four indicators of agricultural development have been computed to illustrate the relationship between food security and agricultural development.  The results presented here rely on data collected from a random sample of 160 household in the study area, using well-structured questionnaire. It have been find out that agricultural development is high in the village of Satgram but food security is low, on the other hand agricultural development is low but food security is moderated, because occupation structure is positively related with food security.


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