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Postgraduate in Criminal Law and Criminology, Payam e Noor University, Iran


Victimization is often caused by several factors such as poor physical and mental health, emotional imbalances, lack of social status and lack of environmental care, but some people’s offence is because of their physical, psychological and the other physiological characteristics more than the others. Aging means reduction of mental and physical powers that occurs over time and in different countries based on people living conditions and culture it differs. The elderly always are group of people vulnerable of being the targeted to crime. Unfortunately, the existing laws have very limited support. Also, there are behaviors which from perspective of government’s criminal laws may not be considered as crime but influence the elderly and their surrounding strongly. As a result, addressing them besides the acts and omission acts that controvert criminal laws of the governments, in order to understanding the causes of the elderly abuse, preventing it and reducing that damages influencing the elderly seems essential. So, according to extensive development in criminal laws and differentiation policy view of legislators to this area of study the existence of corporate policy in this area is required. But unfortunately there is no position for corporate policy in Iran and less attention is paid to it.


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