1 Training management MA, Amozeshkadeh Tuohid Amol, Technical and Vocatinal, Iran. University, Iran.

2 Amozeshkadeh Fani Tuohid Amol, Technical And Vocatinal University, Iran


Today, effort for acquisition most share (contribution, partake) in creation additional value, is important more than this. Countries are tracking for procedures that it helps to them until they create wealth and values for their society and universities (include or to count) are motive motor for development economical countries and generator investment in new technology. Technological parks and entrepreneur centers settle down in universities, play main role or unique function in tendency of students to entrepreneur. Technology parks and entrepreneur centers settle down in universities can play very important role in developing and propagation entrepreneur between students in universities. The goal or purpose of this paper determine the function or role of technology parks and entrepreneur centers in universities, in propagation entrepreneur culture and identifying limits or obstacles or barriers and tendency procedures to entrepreneur between students. The present method of study (or verification or investigation) is qualitative and investigation tools or instruments are interview. Results show that or indicated that to propagation or promotion entrepreneur in universities, technology parks and entrepreneur should increase aware and concerned or interest students to matters or subjects of entrepreneur by allocate sufficient credits, develop entrepreneur cores and support them.


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The Department of Public Relations and International Affairs of Mazandaran Science and Technology Park.