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Geotechnical Civil Engineering, Director of Tedin Smart Schools, Amirkabir, Iran


The present study examines the use of software and its impact in educational systems. For a long time, education has been considered one of the most important and desirable issues of various societies and educational systems have sought to find ways to improve the methods of teaching different subjects. Traditional teaching methods have been used almost identically for thousands of years, but in today's world, new approaches to teaching and learning are gaining attention. Researchers have always sought to find an answer to fill learning gaps as well as to solve problems and deficiencies caused by defects in the teaching and learning process. They look for ways to change repetitive and boring methods into interactive and enjoyable learning experiences for students. Therefore, despite the need and following the efforts made, many teaching-learning methods have changed significantly compared to the last two decades. Likewise, the sources of information, the ways of transferring and exchanging information and how our information is formed have also changed according to these changes. However, in the matter of education, effective education is: Firstly, it leads to learning, and secondly, this learning is sustainable. The realization of these two requires the use of five comprehensive senses and the use of direct and first-hand experiences. Experience shows that different senses do not play an equal role in human learning. It is easy to use the sense of sight in multimedia programs and software due to the use of visual media in the form of movies and photos. Therefore, today many studies have focused on the use of computers and multimedia in education.


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