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English Teacher, English Translation Studies Payam-e-Noor University of Boukan, Iran


Most people consider the speaking skill to be the most important language skill; Because it is more visible than other skills and directly affects communication with others. Due to the importance of this skill, many English language educational institutions emphasize it more than other skills or even organize free discussion courses so that students can gain a better command of English conversation. Speaking skill is the most important way of your communication with others, without which you will face major problems in a foreign country. For this reason, many people who intend to immigrate to an English-speaking country try to improve their speaking skills more than anything else. In order to be able to express your thoughts correctly when speaking, you need to know a lot of words and phrases. In fact, learning new words is one of the basic abilities in any language that helps the learner to expand his knowledge and strengthen his skills. In other words, learning words and phrases has a direct effect on strengthening all four skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. However, it is better to remember that memorizing a large amount of aimless vocabulary and necessary techniques will not only not help your language knowledge, but can also cause confusion.


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