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Persian Language and Literature, Department of Literature, Ardabil Azad University, Iran


The main issue of this article is to compare image in the poems of Nima and Forough Farrokhzad from the perspective of the romantic image. The romantic image of the epistemological and aesthetic nature is fundamentally different from the classical, symbolic, and surrealistic. The author has tried to explain the nature of the romantic image in three parts: In the first part, explains the special features of romantic imagery with the discussion of four characteristics: Transformation in nature, shadow of the image, dynamics, and individuality in the image. In the second section, the relationship between the images and the position of the image in the context of the poem is examined by two characteristics of continuity and maturity. The paper is based on a descriptive-analytical method based on a library method. Identifying how Persian poetry deals with literary schools and how the influence and role of image in this transformation and evolution is one of the most important goals of the research, which has received little attention. Literary schools in each period have been able to impose unique themes and methods of imagery in the Persian language, which can be traced in the form of modern imagery. One of the other goals of the research is to know the mutual influence of content and image in the form of contemporary literary schools and imagery. Furthermore, the role of the poet's creativity and social perspective on the process of illustration is examined.


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