Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Economic Development & Marketing Officer, District Administration Punakha, Royal Government of Bhutan

2 Associate Lecturer, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Norbuling Rigter College, affiliated to the Royal University of Bhutan


The purpose of this study is to explore the student perceptions of women's presidency within the Forum for National and International Awareness (FINA), which is the highest student governing body at Sherubtse College. This research will help to clarify the existing structure of the president at Sherubtse College. A purposeful non-random sampling strategy will be used to collect and analyze data, with a total of six selected students. Semi-structured interviews will be conducted using Facebook Messenger as the medium for data collection. While taking notes, the replies will be captured using Messenger's Audio function. The captured data will be meticulously analyzed using open coding, axial coding, and selective coding approaches. The existence of discrimination within students' views towards voting a woman president for FINA is expected to be determined through this extensive investigation. Furthermore, the study intends to offer insight on how common conventional views about women's inadequacy in leadership roles influence students' decision-making mentality, particularly when it comes to choose women to the leadership positions.


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