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1 Department of Educational Psychology, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran

2 PhD Student of Educational Psychology, Central Tehran Branch, University of Tehran, Iran


The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of creative thinking training on self-regulated learning strategies and students' academic achievement motivation. The statistical population included all eighth-grade female students in the first secondary schools of Jahrom. The sample subjects were selected by multi-stage cluster sampling method. So that two schools were selected from the first secondary schools and one eighth grade class was selected from each school and after the students answered the research questionnaires, 15 people Students from each school who scored low on self-regulated learning strategies and achievement motivation questionnaires were randomly assigned to two groups (experimental and control). The experimental group was trained in 8 sessions and at the end of the post-test sessions were performed for both groups. The data obtained from the research were statistically analyzed using one-way analysis of covariance with pre-test control. The results showed that teaching creative thinking has a significant effect on self-regulated learning strategies of students in the experimental group. Also, the results showed that teaching creative thinking has a significant effect on improving the motivation of students in the experimental group.




 One of the most important goals of educational centers in the 21st century is to train learners how to face the changing society and the complexities of the information explosion era [1-3]. Accordingly, the promotion of thinking, thinking in educational centers is of great importance, so in recent decades, education experts have paid more attention to the categories of cognition and motivation and their role in learning.

Cognition encompasses some of the abilities and mental actions such as knowledge, comprehension, recognition, and thinking, and motivation is related to issues such as emotion, attitude, and evaluation. Self-regulatory learning is considered as an intertwined and related set [4-6].

Self-regulatory learning is a type of learning in which learners initiate and direct their own efforts instead of relying on teachers, parents, and other educational agents to acquire skills and knowledge [7-9].  

These learners are skilled in metacognitive knowledge and know how to direct their mental processes toward individual progress and goals. They also engage in planning, self-monitoring, self-control, self-assessment, and personal reinforcement at different stages of learning. Self-regulatory strategies are also related to motivation in a way that contributes to having appropriate adaptive beliefs and attitudes in the field of education, especially the interest in doing homework and the necessary effort and perseverance in this field [10-13].

To consider oneself worthy, self-sufficient and independent, in addition, behaviorally, these learners are able to create, select, construct, and create environments for optimal learning. Motivation is one of the important structures that is important and effective in the educational environment and educational environment [14-16].

On the other hand, the low motivation for progress in students has made this one of the concerns of teachers, educators and parents, and experts and educators have always sought to identify the factors affecting this structure so that they can be motivated [17].

Unfortunately, in many educationa

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