Document Type: Original Article


Student Master of Business Administration (Marketing), University of Khuzestan branch of research


This paper is the relationship between market orientation ( relying on the three concepts of creating intelligent, intelligence dissemination and responsiveness ) and organizational commitment is examined in Ilam gas treatment company. The main objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between market orientation and organizational commitment in Ilam gas refinery. Accordingly, the aim of this research is applied in nature study is a  descriptive - correlational. Ilam Gas Refining the spatial domain of the study population for this study is 246 experts from the company. In order to test the research hypotheses, Facts correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, standard errors, test F,  table got a significance level of t-test and regression analysis were used. Test results indicate that there is a significant correlation between market orientation and organizational commitment, and this indicates that the company have more MO the greater organizational commitment. The results of this study could further advance the goals of the company listed above can help. 


Yousefi  G. (2011).  Examine the relationship between intellectual capital and market orientation of the insurance industry , Thesis Master of Business Administration (Marketing), Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj.

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