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Assistant Professor of Farhanghian University, Tehran, Iran


Orooj (ascent) in mysticism means separation of soul from body in complete health and wakefulness.  It is a condition that every human normally experiences after death at the end of one's life.  A mystic develops a deep level of recognition to Heaven and Hell in the course of his life.  In this condition one is able to see with mind's eye the habitants of Heaven and Hell.  A person crosses from Elm al-Yaghin to Ain al-Yaghin when he reaches this state.  Ain al-Yaghinis a state where one can see with mind's eye what he has knowledge .To some adepts, Orooj meansto reach the first level of Heaven.  To some others,Orooj is to reach the second level.  This goes on until one reaches the ultimate level or Arsh. The first person who ever reached Arsh was Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. When soul returns to a mystic's body, he has full recollection where he went and what he saw.  He can rememberin full details what happened in his journey and can give a full account of it.  Mystic's soul may take a one day journey through universe.  This journey may last longer to take two, three, or more days - sometimes, evenup to forty days.


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