Studies in Humanities
1. Consequences of Job Stress on Mental Health with Emphasis on Strategic Intermediaries

Martin Alphin

Volume 11, Issue 1 , Winter 2022, , Pages 51-56

  Job stress has serious consequences for both workers and employers. Stress is an effective factor in organizational inefficiency, manpower turnover, job absenteeism, reduction in quality and quantity of work, increase in health care costs and decrease in job satisfaction. Numerous studies over the past ...  Read More

Studies in Social Science
2. Factors Determining Job Stress: A Study on Faculties of Public Universities in Bangladesh

Farha Sultana

Volume 10, Issue 4 , Summer 2021, , Pages 184-189

  This article aimed at identifying the factors which lead to job stress in faculty members in public universities in Bangladesh. For data collection purpose, a comprehensive questionnaire was disseminated among 140 faculties of various public universities in Bangladesh, of them 40 usable responses were ...  Read More